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"I found out about Clarity Neuro with a quick Google search, and I couldn’t have been more fortunate. They were fast, friendly, and super professional from the moment we got started."

Casey Johnson

Our Services

  • Neuropsychological Evaluations

  • Academic, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) & Learning Disability Evaluations

  • Protective Placement & Incompetency Evaluations

  • Legal Evaluations (Criminal & Civil)

  • Family Evaluations 

  • Child Custody Evaluation & Home Studies

  • Executive & Industrial Evaluations

  • Anger Assessments

  • Police Candidate Evaluations

  • Job Candidate Evaluations

  • Fitness for Duty Evaluations

  • Criminal Competency/Responsibility Evaluations

  • Workman's Compensation Evaluations

  • Social Security Evaluations 

  • Personality Evaluations

  • Intellectual Evaluations

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Dr. R. Earl Johnson is a board certified Neuropsychologist who specializes in Neuropsyche Evaluations. Dr. Johnson is the backbone of our assessment services, providing outstanding, high quality neuropsychological test administration and report writing to our patients with great skill and efficiency. He has extensive experience in evaluating patients with traumatic brain injury, dementia, and development disorders.


Neuropsychological Services
Texas Healthcare Providers FIRST CHOICE for Neuropsychological Evaluations

What We Specialize In:

Neuropsychological evaluations are a specialized form of psychological evaluations and are not just simply a more extensive psychological evaluation. Neuropsychological evaluations make a determination of the relationship between the behavior of the individual and the brain function.  These evaluations typically assess intelligence, achievement levels, and neuropsychological functions across a variety of areas including motor functions, tactile, visual, receptive and expressive speech, academic skills, memory, and overall intellectual function.  In addition, learning and behavioral interaction and other functions are also assessed.  Note that the neuropsychological evaluation is appropriate if an individual has received a brain lesion either through congenital defect, head injury, or disease.  The purpose of the evaluation is to map any behavioral deficits that have accumulated as a result of these processes and to develop treatment strategies to overcome them.  Neuropsychological evaluations are typically done to determine a person’s functioning level and also to determine any residuals as a result of a brain injury.